Simply Ten Good Things

Two years ago, I posted pictures of ten good things in my life. I wanted to do that again—to remind myself of the incredible life I lead. It’s easy to forget in the humdrum of life; sometimes it feels like my life is a series of dishes, dirty clothes, and diaper changes. So here are some lovely things that make my life awesome!


Cute cousins.


Funny faces at the zoo.


A finally (finally!) finished nursery.


Cute decorations for Frederick’s room.


A newly rearranged living room.


So many books that still need a home.


Scrabble letters for a future craft.


A mistake that turned into a blessing.


Reading about my ancestors.


The cutest baby in the whole world.

I really have the best life ever, and it’s good to remind myself of it.

What are ten good things in your life right now?


2 thoughts on “Simply Ten Good Things

  1. sorry I don’t comment more but I do still read all your posts. I love you and I’m glad you are loving your life.

  2. two for tonight:
    1. a clean house
    2. a 3 year old who forgave me (quickly) for yelling at him in the middle of cleaning said house.

    I am sloooow to forgive sometimes. And slow to apologize. I am thankful for my little guy, who quickly told me (after I said I was sorry, and asked his forgiveness) “I forgive you… Now can I have my applesauce?”. It’s a good lesson for me.

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