Quiet Moments of Peace

Last week, I found that this was really the only thing I needed to feel centered and peaceful—just a few minutes in the shade, with my feet in the stream, and a pen in my hand. I’m moving into an eventful season in my life. For the next three months, my schedule is very busy.

(I should mention here that I changed my mind about Vocal Artists, since I found that both the time and money commitment were less than I thought. So now I’ll no longer be in the Concert or Chamber Choir, but I will be in Vocal Artists—which includes a tour to Bulgaria next year! Yikes and Hooray at the same time…)

In between all the working and singing (and in November, writing) I’ll be doing, I’m going to have to commit now to finding quiet moments. It isn’t always easy—in fact, it’s very difficult—but I can always tell the difference between a week when I’ve had quiet moments and a week I haven’t.

I invite you to add some quiet into your life. It so very rarely finds us; we need to work hard to purposefully add it to our lives. Fall always seems to rush past in a flurry of school, or work, or sports, or starting well-intentioned crafts, but in between all of those important activities, find time for a little non-activity—something that quiets your mind. Whether it is reading, snuggling on the couch with your cat, or simply sitting still for a few minutes, those moments will catch up with you later, in a good way.

It doesn’t have to be much. A breath here, a chapter there, and you will begin to feel the calm amid the storm.


One thought on “Quiet Moments of Peace

  1. The quiet moments are so hard to come by now that we have kids, but I agree completely about the need for them! Sometimes Ryan and I sit out on our little patio at night when the boys are snugly in bed. We should do that more. It makes a big difference.

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