Breaking Out of the Mundane

I’ll be honest, I’ve felt more than a little uninspired lately. I’ve been a little depressed, unmotivated, slogged down by mundane details that I no longer care for—waiting and waiting and waiting for my life to happen to me.

Well, I’m done waiting.

There’s a reason my husband and I refer to me as a five-year-old on a regular basis. I have the imagination and wonder of a five-year-old, but sometimes I also have the attention span… Try asking a five-year-old to do your taxes and you’ll get the idea of how I respond to most grown-up tasks.

Obviously, I know they are important and need to get done, but it always helps when I approach it differently. When I look at a sink full of dishes, I cringe and try to think of something else. But when I turn on a bit of music, put on my apron, and dance around while I do it, it becomes, if not fun, at least enjoyable. I am more able to appreciate the feeling of the water running over my hands, and the satisfaction of getting things done.

So that’s what I need to do: I need to break out of the mundane and put a little more fun back in my life. No one else is going to do it for me. No one else should. It isn’t someone else’s responsibility to make my life interesting—it’s mine.

And I plan to do it. Here’s how:

1. Music: I always function better if I feel like there is a soundtrack to my life. Maybe it stems from my love of movie montages, but every heroine needs a good soundtrack to her story.

2. Taking care of myself: I always know I’m heading into a rough patch when I no longer take care of myself. I eat whatever I want, stay up late, and even put off showering. But when I’m not taking care of myself on a basic biological level, I feel no motivation to work on anything more important than that either.

3. Getting out of the house: Travis is a homebody and I am not. This is difficult to manage sometimes when all I want to do is get out of the house, and all he wants to do is stay in. But I need to make more of an effort to get out of the house when I have the chance. There are plenty of opportunities for me to get dressed and get out, and I need to take them.

4. Start from base zero: Base zero is a little difficult to explain. If I think of my life like a ledger, it is zero. When I fall into depression, my life starts to carry a debt that gets harder and harder to break out of; dishes pile up, clutter abounds, and we eat out instead of going to the store. Starting at base zero means doing the dishes, making the bed, getting rid of the piles of stuff, and doing step 2. For me, it usually only takes a few concentrated hours: tidying the apartment, showering, making a trip to the store for groceries. Then I can move on to more important things and start to get my life in the green again.

What do you do to break out of a funk?


4 thoughts on “Breaking Out of the Mundane

  1. my first thought is…. “i pay for someone to do my taxes” mine aren’t even complicated yet, but i hate doing taxes so much it’s just worth it to pay someone who loves numbers. The other thing that helps me out is team work. or just company. when i was going through a huge cleaning of my very very dirty room, i would just ask a friend to come over to sit there, not help clean but give me company.

  2. Oh honey, been there, done that, have a closet full of t-shirts! But having quite a few years on you, although you are so incredibly wise beyond your years, my best advice is take care of yourself first. It’s easy to grab a spoon and Ben & Jerry’s and who are we kidding with this “serves 4” stuff????? I struggle with depression and anxiety and have a condition I was diagnosed with that I’ve had to learn to live with and some days it’s just all too much. However, I am eating better than I ever have in my life, exercising faithfully (trust me on this big accomplishment, I HATE to sweat), and I feel good. For the first time in my life I’m taking care of me! I have learned to focus on what I can control and not what I can’t and that really helps me to just keep plugging along. I’ve been an avid knitter for several years but recently I got back into sewing, nothing fancy, but what a blessing that has been. So much that I treated myself to a new machine, again, nothing fancy. Sewing has helped me with what I call my “funkies”. I saw a movie a few years back, about a stay at home mother with 10 children and an alcoholic husband taking place in the 50’s and when this mother had a hard day, she would look at her children and say, “Kids, I’m tired of this day, I’m ready for a new one.” And that’s another small and simple thing that keeps me going, tomorrow is always a new day and a fresh start. Hang in there and know that you inspire a lot of us out here!

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