Our Weekend

Sometimes you just need a relaxing weekend with nothing to do but lay around reading books and drinking lemonade…

And other times you need a weekend packed full of things to do and hardly sleeping.

Our weekend was the definitely the latter. Normally, we try to have the former, but sometimes life needs to be crazy, so you can enjoy the calm that much more. This weekend, we participated in the Summer Choral Institute that is put on my choir, the Salt Lake Choral Artists. It was so much fun! We had rehearsal Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and then had a concert on Saturday night. We sang some beautiful British folk songs, got very little sleep, and I loved every minute of it.

We had support from both sides of the family (thanks for coming, you guys!) and just had a very busy, fulfilling weekend.

This is the beautiful church where we sang. This is the beautiful building where we go to church! I still can’t believe that sometimes.
And then I walked home in the stream because it was 100 degrees on the way home. Yikes.
I did have one nice relaxing moment, late last night, sipping Sprite and listening to the Prisoner of Azkaban. Quiet moments like that like to surprise me, but I’m always okay with that.Also between rehearsals, we were close to my favorite consignment shop, so I popped in only to find this amazing globe! I’ve been looking for one for ages!!! Finally I found one that looks vintage, but doesn’t have the Soviet Union instead of Russia. Come on, people, it’s been 20 years! Once I brought it home, I also discovered that it has a lot of little history and geographical facts on it. I love it!
How was your weekend? Was it jam-packed or relaxed?

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