A New iPhone!

It’s true, you guys, I’ve joined the iPhone craze. I’m a little infatuated with it at present. Eventually, I’m sure the novelty will wear off, but seriously, it’s so shiny. I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with enjoying new technology and letting it make your life easier. The trick is not becoming a slave to it. I don’t plan on doing that—not with this phone nor any other. I still know what I want in life: simplicity, calm, and quality time with family. And despite what some might think, there isn’t an app for that.


2 thoughts on “A New iPhone!

  1. So Apple did their homework – but all their products are great for minimalists!
    You are very right to be aware of becoming a slave to the iPhone, though – I simply don’t understand why people allow this to happen. Mine is mostly silent, so that I still know if there is an important call I need to take or return, but it does not distract me from my daily life: it is my tool! And what a great one – I use it a lot for reading while waiting anywhere, keeping up with the weather forecast, planning my days, checking out a location I need to drive to, taking many, many photographs, calculating my monthly bills, measuring my knitting needles (!), listening to music or audiobooks or podcasts occasionally, to wake me up in the morning or time the cake in the oven, making notes to myself, following museum guides, looking stuff up (etymologies or general information!) and not least, to keep in touch with my husband, daughters, mother and grandmother… but I don’t let it rule me 😉

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