Fewer Items for Greater Impact

This was taken only a few months ago, right after we excitedly opened our brand new couch. I mentioned then that the living room was still a work in progress, but that progress is slowly but surely becoming a reality.I was beyond excited to find these pillows. Not only are they comfortable (something I could not say about the pillows that came with the couch—pictured above) but they also complement the color of the couch perfectly.

I’ve been thinking a lot (lot) about decorating recently. I have quite a few new projects up my sleeve that I’ll be posting about in the coming weeks. But as I’ve been gathering images and ideas, I can’t help but notice how… full most professionally decorated rooms feel. Obviously, I’m not an interior designer, but my favorite rooms are always the ones that have the least going on. As you scan a room, your eyes need a place to rest, and they can’t do that if every flat surface is covered with throw pillows and knick-knacks. I’m not averse to lots of color either, as long as it is balanced with swathes of neutral colors or natural wood.

As I’ve been shopping around for my own decor, I always make sure that I buy as few items as possible. I never throw things into the cart on a whim. I make a list as I look around my house, thinking about future projects, researching any do-it-yourself or frugal alternatives, and make sure that the things I actually buy are things of value. I would rather wait and invest my money in a few quality things, than fill my house with cheap junk, just because it’s cheap and easily accessible.

Once you make that shift in your approach to decorating, and shopping in general, your things become more valuable—not just monetarily, but also sentimentally. I just reread Simplicity Parenting, and one of my favorite lines is this: “Nothing in the middle of a heap can be truly valued.” That is absolutely true. It is the reason we simplify our things, and it is a great lesson in decorating: fewer things make a greater impact and are more likely to be valued than a room full of inexpensive and numerous trinkets.


One thought on “Fewer Items for Greater Impact

  1. Yes, yes, yes! I was just thinking about writing a post about how one of my very favorite compliments is when someone comes into my house and says, “Where’s all the STUFF?” AH – I feel so validated when I hear that! haha

    But seriously, it is incredibly freeing to own and buy less.

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