My Spring Cleaning Arsenal

It’s getting warmer and warmer here in Salt Lake and more than once in the past few days, I’ve opened my windows and let some of the air in.  The trees and flowers haven’t gotten the memo yet, but I’m sure they will soon.

As far as the inside goes, I’ve definitely gotten the spring cleaning bug.  It has been stove-scrubbing and clothes-laundering galore around here.  Travis even rotated the mattress, which is when you know we mean business.

My cleaning philosophy is two-fold:

Step 1) Declutter.  This seems to be a forgotten step on most spring-cleaning-tip posts, but not here.  Decluttering is your most valuable tool in making your home cleaner and more livable. The point of spring cleaning is to have your home feel fresh and clean after the long winter, and since decluttering is akin to losing weight, lose the extra pounds now so they don’t weigh you down later.

Step 2) Scrub.  Not too long ago, I shared that my main cleaning tool is friction.  This is absolutely true.  All of my cleaning supplies fit in one bucket under the sink.  There is no need for an entire closet devoted to chemicals and solvents; most of what you need to clean your home is stuff you already have.

This article on TLC talks about the “fantastic four” cleaners: vinegar, salt, lemon juice, and baking soda. (Its last tip is about downsizing your home, so I’m on board!)  These simple products that everyone has do wonders for cleaning your home.  They are non-toxic, cheap, and require less effort and less Stuff than most chemical cleaners.

This is what I use.  That giant resealable bag of baking soda was a recent Costco purchase (surprise, surprise).  We use the Bar Keepers Friend as a back-up, but honestly, it doesn’t do anything that baking soda and friction can’t do.  If you haven’t tried “green” cleaning methods yet, they aren’t scary.  They are effective and safe, and well worth researching.

Good luck with your own spring cleaning; may your homes be clean and clutter free!


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