Simplifying Your Filing System

I took Rachel from SmallNotebook’s advice and decided to simplify the way we filed our papers.  For the last few years, we’ve been using this:Sure, it’s effective, but it’s not exactly what you’d call pretty.  We also can’t use the handle because the lock unclasps and it falls open.  I wanted something smaller and more user-friendly.  So yesterday, I went out and bought this:It’s lightweight but large enough to hold all we need.

After about an hour of going through papers and putting the ones we kept into piles, I slipped them inside and called it good.  Organizing paper is not my idea of fun, so I wanted to keep it simple.  I didn’t want some complicated, color-coded, label-maker covered filing system; I don’t mind fun or pretty, but let’s be honest, it holds paper.  The main goal is functionality. 

Added bonus: it also holds all my music, so I was able to throw out my tattered and abused music folder.

What’s your filing system and how can you simplify it?


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