A Day in the Life

Things have been rather slow around here.  Days are passing, rhythms are normal, and it is a bit difficult to have any stellar revelations on how to simplify.  The thing they don’t mention when you are starting is how much simplicity is just maintenance.  It’s kind of like weight loss: get to your goal and then maintain…forever.

Life is happier, slower, but one is tempted to start piling things up again, just to have something to do.  I wanted to use today as a way to record what my life is like right now.  After the chaos of stuff, but before the chaos of kids.  I don’t know how long this period in our life is going to last, but I’d like to remember it.

Here is the record of yesterday, February 1, 2012:

7:42- Roll over and kiss husband before he leaves for work.

9:06- Sleepily wake up and get out of bed.  Make bed.

9:15-9:54- Read a few blogs, eat a banana, write my to-do list for the day.

10:33- Arrive slightly early for my dentist appointment and read in the car.

12:39- Leave dentist, exchange shirt at Old Navy, eat Panda Express.

1:37- Drive to cemetery and finish reading my book. (Don’t be alarmed…it’s a thing I do.)

2:25- Drive the loop on my way home, and talk to my sister for a bit.

2:48- Come home, eat lunch, start putting the dishes in the dishwasher and end up cleaning the entire apartment.

3:51- Apartment is clean, so I put on some music and start my new book. (I love reading days, but unfortunately, they don’t happen often so I try to take full advantage of them.)

4:26- Travis comes home from work and we talk while he changes; I force him to try on the shirt from Old Navy. (It fits!) We start to make dinner. (Correction: Travis starts to make dinner while I try to catnap on the couch. Whoops.)

5:12- We sit down to eat and watch Glee.  I mark down in my food journal everything I ate today.  Not lying, by this point, I am ready for bed.  Something about being married to Travis has turned me into an old lady.  My eyes droop as we clean up after dinner.

6:27- We cuddle and talk about the dentist.  I need a lot of work done, so we discuss all the financial options.

It’s 7:00 and we are both done for the day.  I’m not sure why we are so tired, but we decide to put on an episode of Sherlock and see if we finish it.  We do (probably because it is flipping scary), so we talk for a while more. I answer my question in my Q&A journal.

9:24- I sleepily ask Travis what time is it, and then I am out like a light.

I realize I probably should have chosen a more action-packed day to record, but then that wouldn’t capture what my life is really like.  This is the essence of my life: the everyday moments when I get things done, or sit down to read, or talk to my husband.  Things are going to look quite a bit different when there are kids in the picture, so I want to remember this: the slow, quiet passage of the days when it is just Travis and me, alone, but very much together.


3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. I can’t get past that it takes you 20 minutes to clean your apartment. That has to be the result of a pared-down, clutter-free space (for one thing). And some regular light cleaning that keeps it from getting super messy.


    • Thanks! But the time lapse was more like 45 min. I started about 3:00 and finished around 3:45. And it was mostly clutter-free; I just cleaned off the table and counters, hung up some clothes that were in a pile, and deep-cleaned the stove which was looking rather icky.

      Honestly, I’ve been off work the last two weeks, and I’m rather bored. The only thing worse than being bored is being bored in a mess.

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