And then it was Christmas…

Christmas didn’t sneak up on me this year… in fact, I’ve been waiting for it since October.  But then I decided to do NaNoWriMo, and there went November.  December has been a beacon of light this whole year.  And I’m so glad it’s here.

I am ridiculously excited for the holidays this year.  We’re officially taking it slow…well, as slow as we can amidst work, work, more work, and needing a new car.  Life may be crazy, but that doesn’t mean we have to be.

We’re going to be calm, quiet, and we’re going to think about Jesus a lot.  Material gifts are so far on the back burner that I’m not even sure they’re being cooked, which is fine by me. Perhaps next time I’ll share about our Christmas traditions, especially my favorite one about gift-giving. (You can read it here.)

I’m wishing all of you a wonderful, safe, comfy and cozy Christmas holiday, full of blankets, wool socks, hot cocoa, loving family, stockings, twinkle lights, stories of Christ’s birth, happy giggles, and all the things that make Christmas worth celebrating.


2 thoughts on “And then it was Christmas…

    • It was great! I finished all 50,000 words, but the best part was realizing just how many people I had that wanted to support my writing. I was getting comments on Facebook statuses about it from people that I didn’t even know thought about me anymore. It was wonderful, and I feel like I really accomplished something. Sure, it was hard, but I would recommend it to anyone!

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