Cozy is the Watchword

For me, this fall is all about being cozy.  Cozy has many connotations, and I can’t think of any that are bad: comfortable, warm, soft, relaxing.  Cozy brings to mind comfy sweaters, knit blankets, wool socks, curling up with your favorite book, and the feel of hot chocolate warming you from the inside.

I also can’t help but think about crispness.  The blast of chilly air when you open your front door, the sharp contrast of the leaves, the way they crunch under your feet as you walk. 

Perhaps this is why autumn is my favorite season.  It is alive in a way that winter is not, but it still drives you to warmth, to stillness in a way that summer and spring never do.  Many times it sneaks up on you, but fades just as quickly.  One day, the tree in your front yard looks like this:And the next it is alive with color:Perhaps the next time I look it will be only branches, and I will wonder where the time has gone.  But until then, I will cuddle in my bed and read my books.  I will walk through the crispness and be still.  I will sing the days away and be grateful for a God that has given me such a beautiful place to pass my days.


2 thoughts on “Cozy is the Watchword

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