100 Steps from Bliss

For a while, I’ve been feeling a sense of wanderlust before we’ve even truly settled here.  I’m suddenly frustrated with the people, and the culture, and the drivers (don’t even get me started on Utah drivers), and we’ve seriously considered moving elsewhere.

Then Saturday happened, and I’m reminded that you can be happy no matter where you live.  There are places of value and beauty to be found wherever a person is found, because part of being human is to create and attract the beauty that is already around us.  It is in art, music, gardens, and cooking; it seems that we are programmed to make and cultivate beautiful things.  And as important as making them is appreciating them.

100 steps from my front door is a park called City Creek.  Water from the mountains flows down through one of the canyons, through one large park, and down into two smaller parks that separate the streets outside our apartment.  I’m not sure who, but someone felt the need to create a place of beauty around that stream so that I could come home to it every day.  After walking home from the store Saturday afternoon, I kept going past my apartment and walked the 100 steps to this spot:I sat and put my feet in the freezing stream.  The small waterfall drowned out every other noise; I just relaxed in the shade and thought lazy thoughts.  To my right was this:And to my left, an old stone bridge and the open sky:I laid back and found myself facing this:And, as I closed my eyes to the dappled sunlight and felt the cool mountain water run over my toes, I couldn’t help but think that it doesn’t get much better than this.

I don’t mean to boast about where I live or try to make you all jealous (though I would totally understand if you were; I’m a little jealous of myself).  What I mean is that even surrounded by these places, had I chosen to ignore them, I could have.  Wherever you are, there are places of beauty because the people who have loved them before you made them so.  If you’ll notice, within 100 feet of you is a place of bliss that you should claim as your own and visit often to remind yourself of the beauty there is to be found.  And if all else fails, and there is no beauty around you, you have the power to create that beauty for yourself.


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