The Importance of Exploring

Having just moved into a new apartment (in a new-ish neighborhood), we’ve done several discovery walks.  We lived in this area during our first year of marriage, and I thought I knew most things about it.  I was wrong.

Most of our walks have been short.  It’s easy to fill up on nature here since we live in a small, wooded area with two large parks right outside our front door, in addition to another three (larger) parks within a few blocks.

Have I mentioned how much I love living here?

Last night was perfect for just such a walk.  We explored a nearby park, but after walking back toward the house, I wanted to keep going.  We ended up walking six miles through the Avenues (my favorite SLC neighborhood, if you recall) just looking at the houses and talking about our future.

Here are a few photos from our adventure:Even Constantine enjoyed benefits from our walk; I taped a rose Travis picked for me to his bowl.

What has really struck me lately is the need to explore.  After spending the last year confined to our apartment during office hours in a part of town that I didn’t really like, I started to feel cramped.  Moving here, I wanted to branch out, and that’s what we’ve been able to do.  I feel free to explore the streets, parks, restaurants, buildings, and neighborhoods.  I talk to strangers who are walking their dogs or having bonfires.  I feel safer than ever before because I know the area better than I’ve known any place I’ve lived.
I’ve found new ways of looking at life because I’ve expanded my horizons past my computer screen.

If you are feeling cramped, I encourage you to walk out your front door and see what is there.  I bet it will be a pleasant surprise.


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