When Things Aren’t Quite Finished….

I won’t lie.  I’m really tired of looking at this:It’s our living room.  That chair is all we have for a couch right now because the one we bought last year doesn’t fit in our new apartment. Every time I look in that corner, I see what it should be: a couch, a rug, a bookcase (instead of 7 boxes full of books), that painting on the wall instead of sitting on the floor collecting dust.  That corner is, for now, only potential.

But that’s the way it will have to be for a while.  And that is what simplicity asks of us.  We can’t currently afford to furnish that corner, but when we can, it will be better because we waited until we could afford it.  So for now, I have to live with the pile of boxes, but later, I will appreciate my hard-earned living room all the more.

So if we ask you to come visit, please don’t judge the corner.  We’re trying to live within our means, even if that means a big pile of potential where our living room should be.



One thought on “When Things Aren’t Quite Finished….

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