The Savoring of Life

I heard a song today that made me think of my life lately.  One particular line stuck out:

“Slow down.  Let your feet touch the ground.”

This has been my unspoken motto recently.  We’ve finished our move (yay!) and now we’re settling into our new life.  Love that word: settle.  That word has been my driving force this whole year.  For so long, we were in transition: waiting to graduate from college, waiting to finish managing, waiting to hear back from jobs, waiting for our apartment to become available.  Now we’re finally done waiting.  We have enough work to meet our needs, an amazing apartment in an even more amazing location, and it’s time to settle in and savor every single day.

Our plan is to:eat well,enjoy our beautiful neighborhood (5 parks within 2 blocks), spend a lot of time with my feet in that,read a lot of those,turn our apartment into our home,and just generally admire our new space.

P.S. I apologize that I only have photos of our kitchen.  More pictures of the rest of our apartment to come.

How do you savor life?


One thought on “The Savoring of Life

  1. Hi! I found you in the comments over at Smaill Notebook. Congrats on the new apartment. I am working on simplifying and I have a long way to go. This is a lovely post. I need to slow down and savor life more, I think. It’s hard to do!

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