In Medias Res

“In medias res” is a Latin phrase meaning “in the middle of things.”  It’s generally used to describe a type of story, but I’m extrapolating it to our life right now.  We’re not in a transition period, like we were this whole last year; we’re definitely not in a settled period of life.  We are just sort of in the in-between phase, in medias res.

I am always looking for metaphors about life—sometimes ridiculous, sometimes apt—but they help me focus my thoughts about what I’m going through at any given moment.  This photo I took last week helped me do that.  The weather has been seriously confused for weeks.  It can’t decide if it wants rain or shine; the other day it did both…at the same time.  And I can’t help but think that my life and the weather are somehow connected.  We are finally out of the major storm (i.e. our managing job) but we are not yet to the sunny skies of having a stable income and settling into our next apartment.

The phrase “in medias res” is also apt in that a story started in the middle of things makes no sense at first; you just have to hold on until the author decides to give the details needed to better explain the situation.  And this is also true of life; sometimes we are thrown in the middle of something without knowing why or how it will end.  In time, God may give us the answer or we will learn the lesson we needed to, but until then, it’s just a big muddled mess.

Do I have any foolproof plan to deal with these in-between times?  Apparently not.  But I’m not averse to the “bunker down and weather the storm” approach.  In the meantime, even when you don’t have any answers, there are plenty of small things to notice and savor.  You don’t necessarily need to know how your life will play out to enjoy a flower, or a good meal, or long talks with friends, or even a stroll through the rain.


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