My City—Salt Lake City

I love Salt Lake City.  I have lived here for four years and I find myself falling in love with it more and more every day.  I find city-love is a lot like people-love; some days, it drives you crazy, but most of the time, you love it for what it is.  (Note: This post is a photo tour of my favorite parts of Salt Lake City.  If you have absolutely no interest in Salt Lake City, this may not be the post for you, but I hope you will all enjoy learning more about this beautiful city.)

Salt Lake City Panorama

My favorite view of Salt Lake

State Capitol

The Capitol Building

White Memorial Church

Chapel across the street from the Capitol

LDS Chapel

Church in the Avenues (my favorite neighborhood in Salt Lake)

Cathedral of the Madeleine

Cathedral of the Madeleine


Inside the Cathedral

LDS Temple

Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Just so you don’t think that Salt Lake is only churches and temples

(though that is a lot of it):

Union Pacific Depot

Union Pacific Depot (entrance to the Gateway Mall)


Trax (the main public transit system)

City and Council Building

City and Council Building (taken a few years ago from atop the Public Library)

And, because this is my city, I had to include a few personal sites.  The trail below was one of Travis’ and my first dates; he told me the story of his grandparents and it was the first time he saw me cry.

Canyon Creek Trail

Canyon Creek Trail

And announcing!  This is our new apartment we’re moving to in August!  Yay!

(I can’t show you the inside, but you will see lots of that in the future.)

Our new apartment

Thanks for coming with me on this tour of Salt Lake.  If you live here, I hope you love it as much as I do.  If you don’t live here, I’m sorry!  Just kidding, but I hope you enjoyed seeing it through my eyes.


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