Enjoying the Season You Are In

Sometimes life looks like this.  There are beautiful things, but mostly it’s just rocks.  Lately I feel like the universe has been yelling its lessons at me, because apparently, I don’t pick up the subtle ones very well.  Its most recent lesson: Be happy with what you have!  Sometimes I find myself whining back, “But it’s hard!”  (Feel free to imagine arm flailing and feet stomping).

Then I think about the alternative: never, ever being satisfied.  Each thing I buy would only take me closer to the next thing I want to buy.  Each place I move would only make me wish I lived somewhere new.  Every peek into another person’s life would only make me see all the things I’m missing.

It’s no surprise that a common theme in life is regret.  The only way to overcome that potential regret is to stay present.  Enjoy the life you have now…now, while you are in it.  Last time, I talked about your stuff reflecting the season of your life you are in.  Your attitude should follow.  Each person is an amalgamation of their past seasons of life, with a new layer added every time their situation changes.  The only people that are truly happy are the ones who enjoy each season as it passes.

And when presented with the image above, they choose to see this instead:


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