::right now:: (in true soulemama style)

This week, since Simple Mom’s hot spots are evading me (paper clutter and kids’ things- neither of which are problems at my house) and I seem to be doing more living than blogging, I thought I would prove that imitation is the highest form of flattery and use soulemama as my inspiration for my post.

Right now, I am …

:: spending as much time as possible with that man up there.

:: realizing that the doors that lead to what we want are sometimes unreachable…at least, for now.

:: finding beauty where I can get it.

:: nervously applying for a dream job.

:: enjoying mornings spent in bed with nothing more to do than snuggle in deeper to the quilts.

:: understanding the difference between real life and life on the internet, and that one should be lived fully and the other, sparingly.

:: using a new method to break the habit of being so hard on myself.

:: walking slowly so I don’t miss so much.

:: looking around my apartment and realizing how much we could live without if we needed to.

:: praying for those who have recently lost so much and if they lost loved ones, lost everything.

:: hoping that kindness and happiness eventually win out in every tragedy.

:: wishing your day is full of snuggles and pajamas, like mine.


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