Project: Simplify Week 1: Wardrobe

So I’m doing the Simple Mom challenge, Project: Simplify.   We’re only in Week 1, so if you want to do it too, just click on the links and read the steps.  It’s a great opportunity to declutter (spring cleaning, anyone?) with a fantastic group of women who are doing it along with you.

Every Friday, I’ll be posting my before and after shots from the area we’re focusing on that week.  This week was the wardrobe.  To be perfectly honest, I thought I would be disappointed.  I keep my wardrobe very very small (smaller than my husband’s—whom, by the way, I dress because it’s way more fun than shopping for my own clothes and also because he lets me), so I was convinced that I would have almost nothing to donate.  On the contrary, I filled three bags.  Go figure.

The weirdest part was that I started the project by going on a shopping spree.  Odd as it sounds, I have my reasons.  1. I donated a lot of clothes a few weeks ago and I hadn’t found the right clothes to replace them with, and 2. For some reason, it is easier for me to get excited about purging old clothes that don’t fit when I’ve got beautiful new ones to set the bar.  It keeps me excited about my new clothes and not very sorry to see the old ones go.

All that being said, here are my “before” photos:  This project turned out to be less about my clothes and more about me learning to not put them on the floor anymore, for goodness’ sake! If you think I’m being hard on myself:

And here, too:

It didn’t take me very long to go through everything.  I really don’t have that much.  I had about 8 pairs of shoes, now I have 5.  Most of the things I decided to donate were things that we still wear, but just not as much as our other clothes or not as often as we should to justify keeping them.

That’s usually the choice to be made, but it is so important, and sometimes you have to be brutally honest with yourself about how much you use an item.  If the answer is “not enough,” let it go.

Here’s what I let go of today:

And now my closet looks like this:

I know, it looks very similar to before, but the clothes are off the floor!  Simplifying is awesome.

It’s not too late to do this wonderful project and link up to Simple Mom.  It feels so wonderful to only own clothes you love and wear.  Thanks for following along with me.  I’ll try to do another post before I feature next week’s hot spot makeover on Friday.  Have a great weekend!


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