Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is, in my opinion, the second best day of the year. (The first would be my birthday which is like Thanksgiving and Christmas all wrapped into one just for me!)

My husband and I got into a discussion the other night about why there aren’t any good traditional Thanksgiving songs or movies.  Then we discovered something: marketers focus on Christmas because that’s the holiday you spend money on.  Travis said, “It makes sense.  How could they make money off a holiday that is designed to make you grateful for what you have?”

But that is exactly why I love Thanksgiving, and why anyone who strives for simplicity should love Thanksgiving: it’s our holiday!  A day where people look around and think, “Wow.  I do have enough.”  A day when they realize that all it takes to make a holiday is family and really good food. A day when they aren’t thinking about what cool gifts they received, but rather about how lucky they are to have the things they already own.

So here is what I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving:

My husband. Sometimes, like now, I sit and try to put into words how much I love him and what he means to me, but I fail miserably. I wish I could go back to my 18-year-old self and let her know that she could relax because she was going to marry the most amazing man on earth, and then I would go back to my 8-year-old self and let her know that Prince Charming is a chump, and what she’ll actually get is way better.

My faith.  My faith in God has gotten me through some of the worst and darkest moments of my life, and also through all of the best.  I’m incredibly grateful for the doctrines of my church that allow me to understand that my marriage and my family are not just things for this world, but for eternity.

My family.  I’m blessed to have a wide network of a family.  I am a lot of things: wife, daughter, sister, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, aunt (or AJ to one), granddaughter, honorary aunt, etc. (maybe soon-to-be mother?  Everyone cross your fingers!)  and I’m honored to have each of these titles.  I love my family and I feel very grateful to live close to them.

Now that I’ve listed the major parts of my life I’m grateful for, here are some not-so-major-but-still-important things I am really happy exist:

books, books, other books, friends, baking, music, snow, warm coats, my phone, getting out of debt, sweat pants, fuzzy socks, the California prison system, water, cameras (and Photoshop), Facebook, and finally,

Simplicity.  It was about this time last year that I started clearing out my stuff and getting my life back.  Now, after a year, I’m still going strong, and I foresee many, many more years of striving to live a simple life.  Bring it on.

Happy Thanksgiving!


2 thoughts on “Giving Thanks

  1. The California prison system?? Interesting thing to be thankful for, however, I do understand why it’s on your list.

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