Doing Only What You Are Able

Pushing yourself to excel in order to better yourself is good.  Pushing yourself to do more and more when your mind is overloaded and your body is exhausted is not good!  Figuring out the distinction between the two is hard.

This week, I have a cold.  So I’m trying not to be too ambitious.  Here are some of my limitations:

I can’t: clean the entire apartment, do a lot of rigorous work outside, keep going and going for hours without frequent breaks, lose sleep to work on projects, go ahead in my reading for school, eat junk food (even though it is so appealing) etc.

I can (and should!): get lots of rest–even at the exclusion of other good activities, work on simple not-strenuous projects (I organized my photos), say no to things that would overwork my body: It’s busy battling viruses!, keep the living areas picked up, maintain the amount of homework I’m doing, let other people help me do the things I can’t.

As for blogging, I can get away with just a few paragraphs.  My readers will understand.  Just like the people in your life will understand when your mind and body (and mouth) say, “Enough is enough!”


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