Apparently, I’m Doing Something Right?

My goals in this life have become about simplicity.  I strive for simplicity in my home, in my marriage, in my activities, because I believe that life should be enjoyed, not spent rushing from one thing to the next.  But it’s very hard to gauge one’s simplicity when it comes to a marriage, or even activities. Measuring abstract things has always been a difficult science.  Stuff, on the other hand?….now that you can measure.

And trust me, people often do.

As you know, we recently moved to a new apartment that is much bigger than our previous one.  You might also know that I do not necessarily consider this a good thing.  Yes, our old apartment was a bit cramped, but it forced me to look at my stuff and decide what was really important.  It led me to the path of simplicity, which is something that has changed, and will continue to shape, my life forever.

But every decision and lifestyle has its opposition and mine comes from those eyebrow-lifting, disbelief-toned, “Stuff-is-the-Universe” types.  Of course, to everyone else these types are simply known as “the average American,” which doesn’t help my cause at all.  I’m not trying to sound hoity-toity, trust me, you can’t even say that word if you are, but Stuff has become my enemy, and it’s sort of a “if you are friends with my enemy, then you probably don’t want to be friends with me” situation.

This is quite evident from the last few people that have visited my apartment.  This is what they see as they walk through the door:

They stand there, confused.  “Have you guys finished moving in?”  “Do you really live here?”  “Are you just waiting for the rest of your stuff?”  At first, I mistook them for compliments, but now I’m not so sure.  I feel like I’m offending these people by not having a lot of Stuff.  They are trying to reassure themselves that we have at least 3 different storage units that hold the rest of our things, because no one could possibly live in a place where you can see the floor!

I’m only slightly exaggerating.

To me, it looks beautiful!  I love seeing clean walls and lots and lots of floor.  Apparently, I am doing the simplicity thing right.  But I have to wonder at the people that it surprises and confuses.  Are we really to the point where we just expect everyone to own an exorbitant amount of Stuff that they don’t use and that they probably can’t afford?  All I know is that sometimes I feel like I have a third eye when people walk into my home.  But I’m living simply, and that means I’m living the way that makes sense to me.


5 thoughts on “Apparently, I’m Doing Something Right?

  1. I like it! When we moved last April and I posted pictures on my blog I heard a lot of “so…are you guys going minimalist?” Uh…no…we’re trying to unclutter! Lol, don’t let them discourage you, I love it! Clean house clean mind!

  2. It is beautiful! I love it. I like simplicity more and more as I get older. No cluttered space in my house=no cluttered space in my head.

    This looks like such a peaceful, quiet place. If I came to visit I probably wouldn’t leave.

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